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Next Level Balloons

Driven by a passion for helping the community, our founder, Brady DeGroot, started twisting balloon animals for children in government housing areas in April 2017. In conjunction with his local church congregation, of which he is a member, Brady wanted to find ways to better engage with, and help to encourage, the children. While travelling nationwide during the week for work, Brady would spend his evenings in hotel rooms learning how to make more and more balloon designs for the community kids.

After a short time, Brady wanted to do even more with balloons, so he ventured into the wonderful world of balloon décor. Driven by his faith and passion for the community, he started creating decorations that were either heavily discounted, or entirely free; all while continuing to create balloon animals for the community children.

(con't from home page)... These projects grew expensive, but Brady wanted to continue to be a blessing, so he decided to turn this new-found hobby into a business. He worked tirelessly to grow his following, while creating as many balloon sculptures as he could. He invested everything that he earned back into either his education or the business.

In October 2019, Brady decided it was time to stop travelling, and to establish the business. He took a local full-time job that he could work during the day, and spends his evenings growing the business. He established a company known as Balloon-ertainment, and began focusing his efforts towards growing his client base and helping as many people to celebrate their milestones as he could.

Brady quickly discovered that the business’ name and brand was difficult for his clients to find and identify with. Motivated by his desire to streamline his products, services, and brand for his clients, Brady decided to give the company a facelift in May 2020. Next Level Balloons was the result of that facelift, as well as a streamlined ordering process, completely new website, built from the ground up, and an online store for customers to quickly and easily order some of the classic product offerings that they desire.

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